The following is my scientific genealogy -- that is, I traced who my doctoral advisor's doctoral advisor was, who his advisor was, etc. I have put the table in chronological order from Rutherford down to myself. It is interesting to note that from Carl Woese onward, we are evolutionary biologists. I'm not sure that Rutherford, with his sneering "stamp collecting" view of biology, would have approved. Then again, Carl certainly helped push evolutionary studies into a more rigorous (and molecular) framework, so maybe he would have.

Name Birth - Death

Significant Contribution to Science

Ernest Rutherford 1871 - 1937

Demonstrated that radioactivity was the spontaneous disintegration of atoms. Nobel Prize (Chemistry) 1908.

James Chadwick 1891 - 1974

Discoverer of the Neutron. Nobel Prize (Physics) 1935.

Ernest Pollard 1906 - 1997

Contributed to the development of microwave radar at MIT during World War II. Founded biophysics department at Yale in 1955.

Carl Woese 1928 - 2012

Discoverer of the Archaea. Crafoord Prize (Biosciences) 2003.

Mitch Sogin 1946 (*) -

Contributed to our understanding of early eukaryotic evolution.

Gary Olsen 1953 (*) -

Contributed to our understanding of archaeal genomics, phylogeny, and biochemistry.

Jonathan Badger 1970 -

Still working on it. Genomic analysis seems to be the primary focus.

(*) Actual birth year not known, but estimated value computed from CV, assuming an age of 22 for completion of undergraduate degree.

Fun Facts about members of the genealogy: